Our Legacy

It all began with a set of st. steel cufflinks inspired by the world of watchmaking. They entered the market in the most natural way possible. Right from the start, hundreds were produced. Buyers from all over the world were seduced, and ahead of them the distribution networks. Today, the most exquisite points of sale are retailing our unique cufflink sets, belt buckles and writing instruments. Our accessories are manufactured in a spirit of playfulness, Swiss savoir-faire and high end quality.

"A playful spirit and a sense of emotion of T F Est. 1968 Genève Suisse" - Freddy D. Tschumi

1968 was a tumultuous, pivotal year marked by political and cultural changes. It was also the birth year of Freddy D. Tschumi founder of T F Est. 1968 Genève Suisse. Freddy D. Tschumi has grown up in Neuchâtel Switzerland, birthplace of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Since his earliest youth, he was always a beautiful timepiece and exquisite accessory aficionados. After several years working for prestigious watch and jewelry companies, he started end of 2010 its own mainly accessory oriented Brand; T F Est. 1968 Genève Suisse. It started with a refined cufflink set, then a writing instrument and a belt buckels collections.

All of these unique, chic and playful creations capture the essence of the Swiss quality, top craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Each piece has been designed, developed meticulously with attention to details, reflecting an heritage of precision and luxury, celebrating the spirit of innovation that characterizes this iconic Brand DNA.